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Elevator/Escalator Accidents

New York Elevator Accident Lawyer

New York City has strict laws regarding the safety of elevators and escalators, but when a property owner or elevator company cuts corners, it unfairly puts passengers’ lives at risk. The wrongdoers – not the victims – bear the financial responsibility for any harm caused by a malfunctioning elevator in New York. To recover damages, however, an injured plaintiff or the surviving family must successfully prove all elements of the injury or wrongful death claim.

Successfully proving an escalator or elevator injury case can be difficult, but the attorneys at Tolmage, Peskin, Harris, Falick adeptly assist New York elevator accident victims. We ensure that our clients obtain the maximum amount of compensation allowed under New York law.

We achieve this by conducting a thorough investigation and then extensively preparing for trial – even when a settlement is likely. Our opposition knows we’re never afraid to go to court to recover what our client deserves.

NYC Escalator Accident Attorney

A complex system of state and city ordinances governs New York escalators and elevators. Irresponsible property owners, repair companies and elevator lift manufacturers may all potentially be liable in an accident or wrongful death lawsuit. It takes a detailed investigation to ascertain the root of the problem and find every party that’s responsible.

For example, in a recent, high-profile Manhattan elevator accident, it took investigators several months to conclude that an elevator repairman negligently disabled a safety feature shortly before the accident. Had the elevator repairman properly enabled the safety mechanism before allowing the public to use the lift, the victim would probably not even have suffered a scratch. However, the repairman wasn’t the only one acting negligently.

New York law requires the Buildings Department to conduct an inspection before allowing the public to use an elevator after repairs. Neither the elevator repair company nor the building owner contacted the department. Further, neither party posted signs warning that the elevators were being worked on, another violation of New York elevator laws.

To get helpful answers in a premises liability claim, you often need an experienced attorney who knows how to expertly leverage the discovery process.

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Our New York injury law firm has assisted victims with premises liability lawsuits for more than 50 years. Victims and surviving family members generally only have one chance to recover money damages, so be sure that you choose an attorney with a proven track record of success.

If you’re ready to speak with an experienced defective elevator lawyer, contact us and we’d be happy to provide you with a FREE consultation. Let us show you how our staff of experienced attorneys will ensure that your claim achieves the best possible outcome.

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