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Apartment Building/House Accidents

Can I Sue My Landlord for Injuries?

New York landlords have a duty to keep their premises reasonably safe and to warn tenants and visitors of latent dangers. When property owners fail to meet this standard of care, they may be held liable for any resulting harm. However, the injured plaintiff needs to prove all elements of an apartment premises liability claim to collect damages.

At Tolmage, Peskin, Harris, Falick, our premises liability lawyers are experienced at helping injured clients convincingly establish all elements of a New York apartment complex lawsuit. The attorneys at our esteemed NYC law firm leverage their expertise and experience to help apartment building accident victims secure maximum compensation for their injuries.

NYC Apartment Complex Injuries

There is no shortage of dangers resulting from poorly maintained New York City apartment buildings. Common apartment complex accidents include:

When you or a loved one has been seriously harmed or killed in an apartment building, it’s important to protect your legal rights by quickly contacting an NY apartment building accident settlement lawyer. The landlord usually takes quick corrective action after an accident, so it’s important to contact an attorney who can help you document the dangerous condition right away or assist you in re-creating the condition for a judge or jury.

Discuss Your NY Apartment Injury Claim With An Attorney

It’s important to choose a proven New York law firm because New York building injury victims generally only have one chance to prove their claim and recover money damages. Visit our list of representative cases to read about a few of our many success stories.

Contact us when you’re ready to discuss your apartment complex lawsuit with an experienced lawyer. We look forward to showing you why we’ve had such a long history of achieving success on behalf of our clients.

Can a New York Landlord Be Held Liable for Tenant/Guest Injuries?

New York landlords have a duty to keep the premises reasonably safe for both guests and tenants. When a landlord fails to keep his or her leased house reasonably safe, he or she may be held liable for the resulting harm.

Common dangerous conditions found in rented NY housing include:

  • Lead paint
  • Electrical wiring that does not meet code (fire hazard)
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Failure to install working smoke alarms/carbon monoxide detectors
  • Failure to remove snow/ice in a timely manner
  • Failure to install stair side railings in accordance to code (fall hazard)
  • Deteriorating floorboards, ceilings

If you believe you believe your landlord is liable for injuries you suffered in your rented home, speak with an experienced premises accident lawyer at Tolmage, Peskin, Harris, Falick. Call 866-502-9091 for a FREE consultation.

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