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Brooklyn Cases

Brooklyn/Kings County Accident Injury Lawsuit Verdicts & Settlements

  • $1,100,000 recovery for 22 year old Brooklyn student brought to Emergency Room with a sever knife wound to his chest. The ER doctors delayed surgical repairs to the wound and when he was finally taken to the surgery he suffered cardiac arrest as a result of excessive bleeding The student suffered permanent brain injury and physical incapacitation because of his uncontrolled bleeding in Emergency Room.
  • $925,000 recovery for death of 42 year old Brooklyn mother of four as a result of a failure to timely diagnose colon cancer. Our client was a patient in a clinic whose physicians failed to recognize the significance of her clinical symptoms for almost a year allowing an otherwise operable cancer to spread.
  • $925,000 was received by a Brooklyn construction worker for injuries resulting from the partial collapse of a building he was working on. Only limited insurance coverage was available.
  • $650,000 recovery to the sole surviving adult son of a Brooklyn Elementary School teacher who died as a result of the hospital’s failure to carry out the doctor’s orders and of the physician’s failure to monitor his patient hospitalized for a blood disorder. The physician initially properly diagnosed her condition and ordered the appropriate treatment, but the hospital failed to follow the doctor’s orders for two days. The doctor failed to follow up with the hospital because the delay occurred over a weekend.
  • $650,000 awarded to 60 year old Brooklyn man who fell from a moving bus. This Brooklyn resident had been standing “in front of the white line” when the door of the bus opened causing him to fall out. Jury returned a verdict on liability in 12 minutes.
  • $620,000 Medical Malpractice awarded to the sole surviving son [22 years old] of a school teacher. A Virginia college student received an award of $620,000.00 for the death of his mother a beloved Brooklyn elementary school teacher who died as a result of a hospital’s failure to carry out the physician’s orders and of the physician for failing to follow up on his patient.
  • $615,000 received on behalf of two young Brooklyn girls who suffered from lead poisoning while living in a Brooklyn apartment; $90,000 for another child in a Manhattan apartment; a verdict by a jury of $500,000 for another Brooklyn child.
  • $340,000 awarded to a 13 year old Brooklyn child who was standing in front of his house when he was struck by a bullet fired by a NYC police officer struggling with a suspect a half block from the boy’s location.
  • $285,000 awarded to a Bensonhurst senior citizen who was struck while shopping for groceries for a Thanksgiving Dinner by an interstate truck making a delivery to the supermarket.
  • $250,000 plus the waiver of a $32,000 Workers’ Compensation lien awarded to a Brooklyn Restaurant Manager and an additional $75,500 lump sum payment under Workers’ Compensation was the result after a Brooklyn restaurant manager sued the landlord of the building where the restaurant was located for his injuries when he slipped on a wet floor which resulted from a systematic leak in the building’s water supply.
  • $140,000 awarded by a jury to an unemployed single Brooklyn mother in an intersection accident. Allstate refused to settle the claim for $50,000.
  • $100,000 Awarded To Injured Brooklyn physician after a jury verdict finding the defendant driver 100% responsible for the accident, the insurance company paid the full amount of insurance available to the plaintiff who suffered a back injury.
  • $50,000 received by a Wisconsin pedestrian struck on a Brooklyn street by an uninsured Florida motorist. Fortunately, the pedestrian had under-insurance coverage on his own automobile in Wisconsin which paid him the policy limits.

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