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Construction Worker Safety Issues

Lack of Safety Kills & Injures NY Construction Workers

With budget cuts there now exists only 6 inspectors in the New York City area to inspect and supervise the many ongoing construction sites. In addition the City of New York has not stepped up to the plate with the staffing and training of supervisors and inspectors for the New York City Department of Buildings. Builders and owners intent on completing the job quickly take unnecessary short cuts in the construction phase.

While insurance coverage is required by every general contractor of its sub-contractors, certain insurance carriers write swiss cheese policies for sub contractors which gives no protection to the workers on the job site. The policy is not worth the paper it is written on but simply allows the sub contractor to get the job. The New York State Department of Insurance, which has the authority to police these contracts have turned a blind eye to this glaring gap in coverage. They take the position that the sub-contractor gets what it pays for. However, the injured worker gets no protection.

Recently, the office represented a seriously injured worker on a major construction site in which the owner had only one million dollars in coverage, and the offending sub-contractor had a swiss cheese policy with gave no coverage. Until the Federal, State and City government wake up to the fact that construction work is inherently dangerous, our workers will go unprotected.

  • Manhattan – crane collapse kills 4 and injures 17
  • Staten Island – pay loader/bull dozer critically injures one
  • Manhattan – fall at construction site critically injures worker
  • Queens – scaffold accident on Triborough Bridge kills one
  • Queens – scaffold Accident on Queensboro Bridge kills 2
  • Manhattan – scaffold accident kills one
  • Manhattan – scaffold accident kills two
  • New Jersey – scaffold Accident kills two workers
  • Manhattan – crane collapse kills 2 workers with another severely injured

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