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Falling Object & Scaffolding Accidents

Falling objects in construction zones often result in serious head trauma or back injuries that require months of rehabilitation and surgery. Too often, basic safety violations are responsible and can involve improperly secured scaffolding, unmarked restricted areas, or lack of netting to catch objects which are dropped from above.

At the law office of Tolmage, Peskin, Harris, Falick, our New York scaffolding accident attorneys represent construction workers, pedestrians, and others who have been injured due to falling objects or unsafe scaffolding in a construction zone. In New York City, falling plates of glass, tools, bolts, and other objects is a real hazard that has grown in recent years. When handling a claim for a construction accident, our lawyers work with accident investigators and safety experts to review construction zone layouts, window installation, girder construction and how scaffolds were constructed and secured. We identify safety violations and improper construction techniques that can result in innocent workers or passersby being hurt by falling debris, tools or other objects.

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Injuries Caused by Falling Objects and Faulty Scaffolding at Construction Sites in New York

The New York scaffolding accident law office of Tolmage, Peskin, Harris, Falick represents people suffering from the following kinds of injuries caused by falling debris, falling objects or faulty scaffolding in a construction zone:

New York Scaffolding Law

The New York Scaffolding Law is actually several sections of the New York statutes that require construction companies, contractors and property owners to adhere to certain safety requirements on construction sites. To learn more about NYC construction accident laws and to find out “What Is the New York Scaffolding Law?“, visit our construction accident FAQ page.

Contact a NYC Scaffold Accident Injury Attorney

It’s important to begin the investigation of a construction accident involving falling objects as soon as possible. Too often, evidence disappears, workers are moved to other job sites, and key information is lost. Our attorneys can begin the investigative process immediately to secure information, take photos, and involve government investigators if necessary.

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