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What Victims Of Sexual Abuse Should Know About Seeking Justice

Nothing is more damaging than enduring sexual abuse as a child – especially when the perpetrator was someone you trusted, like a priest or Boy Scout leader. In many cases, victims suffer the aftereffects for decades before finally coming forward. Thanks to a new state law, victims will now have a longer period of time in which to seek justice from their abusers.

At the New York law firm of Tolmage, Peskin, Harris, Falick, our Child Victims Act Lawyers have been working with attorneys across the country to help child sexual abuse victims – who are now adults – seek damages for the years of embarrassment, humiliation and mental anguish they have endured.

We have over 60 cases involving the Catholic Church, the Boy Scouts of America and public schools. In many instances, we have been able to identify pedophiles who have molested young children repeatedly as they have been moved from one parish to another.

If you or a loved one suffered sexual abuse as a child, our Child Victims Act lawyers stand ready to help you.

Child Victims Act – What The New Law Means

The New York State Assembly and Senate have passed landmark legislation that grants more time for victims who suffered sexual abuse as children at the hands of authority figures to bring lawsuits for damages. This extension applies to cases against the Catholic Church, public schools, private schools, Boy Scouts of America, and similar organizations and/or individuals in their employ.

The bill, called the Child Victims Act, is designed to extend the statute of limitations in civil actions (lawsuits) alleging conduct that constitutes a sex crime against a child under the age of 18.

Previously, the deadline for bringing such an action would typically begin to run when the victim turned 18 and expire three years later, creating a relatively short window for victims to seek justice. The Child Victims Act extends that deadline until the victim reaches 55 years of age – a significant change. However, major limitations do apply.

How Does This Change Affect Previously “Dead” Cases?

What about cases involving child sexual abuse that happened decades ago to victims who are now 55 or younger? The Act allows victims to pursue these previously “dead” or time-barred cases, so long as they’re brought quickly. Specifically, these actions can be “revived” within a one-year window that begins six months from the effective date of the Act.

What this means is that adult victims who suffered sexual abuse as children now have a very limited window of time to pursue justice.

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The Child Victims Act is a monumental change in the law that requires detailed analysis. If you or someone you know suffered sexual abuse as a child at the hands of an authority figure, now is the time to consider taking action.

Our Child Victims Act attorneys are ready to help you pursue justice, accountability and, to the extent possible, closure.

We handle these cases with sensitivity and care. Please feel free to contact us for guidance on whether your case falls within the extension period of the Child Victims Act.

Time is short, and our Child Victims Act lawyers have to move fast to get cases into the court system before the deadline expires, so don’t wait to take the first step. Call us at 866-418-5158 immediately for FREE case review that involves a private and frank discussion of your circumstances.

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