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The benefits of focused walking

In a city like New York, you may not be walking because you feel like going for a stroll. For many New Yorkers, walking is simply part of everyday life.

Since walking is something you have been doing nearly your entire life, it can be easy to think that you can accomplish other tasks while you are on your way to your destination. However, these distractions can increase the chances that you will be in an accident.

Here’s how mindful walking can support your mental health and help you stay safe.

Commit to keeping your phone in your pocket

An essential part of being mindful is choosing to put away the things that tend to distract you. Now that phones have worked their way into so many aspects of everyday life, it can become routine to pull out your phone every time your mind wanders.

Rather than reaching for your phone, shift your focus back to your walk. You can look at your surroundings as you think about your pace and posture. Look at the elements that make up each moment and allow those to be where you focus.

When you put your phone away and focus on your walk, you will also be more aware of the traffic and others around you. Rather than following a crowd across the street, you can keep your focus on your surroundings, including those that could make your walk dangerous.

Supporting mental health

One benefit to making your ordinary walks through the city more mindful is that it creates time for you. Rather than trying to squeeze in time to decompress, a mindful walk can help you tune into your needs while you focus on your surroundings.

When you take time to be mindful on your walk, you can mentally deal with the challenges that you will face or have recently faced so that you know how you want to move forward. You may find that you can arrive with a clearer mind and a greater ability to concentrate.


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