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Being visible on a bike (without a reflective vest)

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2022 | Bicycle Accidents

Riding a bike in New York can be a challenging blend of getting to where you are going while ensuring that drivers can see you. Even with many bike lanes and awareness campaigns, there are many bicycle accidents every year.

Visibility is a critical factor in staying safe on your bike. Although a reflective vest can help drivers see you, they are not always practical.

Here are a few ways to help drivers be able to see you while you ride through the city.

A bright helmet with lights

Your helmet is already essential to your safety gear when you get on your bike. In addition to keeping you safe if you fall, your helmet can also help you avoid a crash in the first place.

One way for your helmet to help you be more visible is to add lights. There are several varieties of clip-on lights that can attach to your helmet to make it easier for cars to see you.

Also, if it is time to replace your helmet, you can shop for one that is brightly colored. While many people may opt for black or other dark colors, choosing a bright or light-colored helmet adds reflective qualities that make you more visible.

Maintaining reflectors

For many, biking is not only for sunny days. Whether you ride your bike to commute or for recreation, there is always the chance that you could end up biking home in the rain and muck.

Your bicycle likely came with several reflectors to help drivers be able to see you. You should check your reflectors before you get on your bike to ensure that they are clean and able to perform their intended purpose.

Staying visible on your bike does not always require a significant investment. When your gear wears out, you can replace it with visibility in mind. Also, maintaining your bike can help you stay visible to others on the road.


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