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Knocked down by a car? Avoid these 4 mistakes afterward

After collisions between cars and pedestrians, injured pedestrians may not know what exactly they need to do. In their confusion, they could make mistakes that complicate their recovery.

Mistake 1: Failing to gather information

After a car strikes a pedestrian, everyone involved should stop and exchange contact and insurance information. But even if the driver flees an accident scene, there could still be evidence to gather, including:

  • Pictures of the accident scene
  • Names and information for any witnesses
  • Videos of the crash from bystanders or surveillance cameras
  • Notes about what happened and the conditions in which the accident occurred
  • Descriptions of the people involved

Failing to gather this and other evidence could make it difficult to pursue legal claims.

Mistake 2: Not reporting the accident

Some drivers might offer you cash or promise to cover all your crash-related expenses if you do not report the accident to police or insurance companies.

However, these reports provide valuable documentation of a crash. Without them, you may not be able to prove fault or liability. 

Mistake 3: Accepting a settlement too fast

An insurance settlement can be tempting to accept after a pedestrian accident, especially if you think your injuries are minor.

But accepting an offer too fast could be a costly mistake. You may not know the full extent of your injuries for days or weeks after a collision, and an initial offer typically does not reflect the full range of damages people suffer in a crash. 

Mistake 4: Suffering in silence

Getting hit by a car can be devastating. Not only can you experience physical injuries, but you could also be dealing with chronic pain and emotional responses to a traumatic event. Too often, people try to ignore them or hope they will go away on their own.

But the fact is that pedestrian accidents can be disruptive and emotionally damaging. Getting legal, financial and medical help in the aftermath can be crucial in helping you cope with physical and emotional injuries. 

If you get hit by a car in New York City, avoiding these mistakes can make your recovery and life after the crash a little easier.


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