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Steps to being a safer pedestrian

For a pedestrian, New York can be equal parts fascinating and dangerous. There is a lot of the city you can see without needing a car, but sometimes the streets are filled with inattentive and unsafe drivers.

New York motorists do not leave in the morning planning on hitting a pedestrian. However, they may not notice the pedestrians around them between navigating traffic and making their way through the city.

Here are a few ways to make sure vehicles can see you while walking through the city.

Being visible

There is no question that plenty is going on after dark in New York. Whether you are looking for a place to eat or you have tickets for a show, there are many reasons you may be walking through the city at night.

When walking at night, you should take extra steps to ensure vehicles can see you. While a dark outfit may look elegant at your destination, it can make it difficult to see you when you are walking. Try to add an outer layer of a lighter or reflective fabric so that you are more visible to nighttime traffic.

Making eye contact

Crossing the street in The Big Apple can get tricky, especially when there is a lot of traffic. In some cases, the crosswalk lights may say you can cross, but vehicles are still trying to make the last traffic light.

When trying to cross a busy street, you should try to make eye contact with the driver before you walk in front of your car. Making eye contact is one way to ensure they can see you before you step in front of their vehicle.

Getting into an accident as a pedestrian can be devastating. When you take extra precautions while walking, you are more likely to arrive home safely.


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