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4 factors that challenge Brooklyn cyclists

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2022 | Bicycle Accidents

In Brooklyn and neighborhoods throughout New York, bicyclists run the risk of serious injury every time they embark on a journey. From getting to and from crucial destinations to riding to embrace a healthier option, cyclists could potentially suffer life-changing injuries at nearly every turn. While every collision is unique, there are common factors that can lead to serious injuries.

  • Drivers turning right on red: Many busy intersections allow motorists to turn right even if there is a red traffic signal. When doing so, the driver must pay careful attention to traffic moving perpendicular to their stopped position as that traffic has the right-of-way. While motorists commonly look for other cars and trucks on the road, but they might not immediately recognize pedestrians or those on bicycles. It is not uncommon for a driver to turn right at the intersection and cut off or strike a bicyclist either crossing the intersection or continuing along their signaled pathway.
  • Dooring: This is a common problem along busy streets. A parallel parking lane is often separated from moving traffic by only a few feet of a designated bike lane. Vehicle occupants often open their doors directly into the bike path without first checking for cyclists. This can cause the rider to either strike the door or automatically swerve into traffic to avoid the obstacle – only to strike a moving vehicle.
  • Drivers swerving into designated bike lanes: In many communities, designated bike lanes line the roads. Unfortunately, many drivers drift into these areas and collide with bicyclists. Whether this is caused by distracted driving, impaired driving, drowsy driving or simple inattention, when a motor vehicle enters a bike lane, a devastating collision is a likely result.
  • Debris in the roadway: Cyclists often find themselves at the mercy of road debris. Whether this is accumulated detritus, litter from passing vehicles, heavy brush or broken pavement, roadway debris can lead to a serious bike accident. Riders can suffer broken bones, ligament damage, head trauma or spinal cord injuries from a crash caused by wrecking or loss of control after striking debris.

Bicycle collisions often result in devastating injuries as the rider typically lacks significant protection. From a vehicle impact to the rider striking the pavement, injuries can range from broken bones and traumatic brain injuries to spinal cord trauma and soft tissue damage.


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