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Can you file a claim against Citi Bike for your injuries?

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2022 | Bicycle Accidents

As a cyclist, you can be very vulnerable to the cars and pedestrians around you. A driver not paying attention can leave you with catastrophic injuries, just as a pedestrian stepping in front of you on your Citi Bike can also cause damages. The cost of medical expenses for bike injuries can be staggering, but is it possible to hold Citi Bike liable for your injuries?

How Citi Bike protects itself

When thousands of people use their product every day, it would only make sense for Citi Bike to have a protective clause in their contracts to keep users from suing them for injuries and accidents that happen from using their bikes. While Citi Bike may be protecting themselves against claims against them for accidents with their bikes, it may be possible to still file a lawsuit against them.

When you can file a claim

While you may not normally be able to get compensation from Citi Bike for an accident, it may be possible to file a claim against them if the accident happened because of their negligence or reckless business practices. If your accident happened because your brakes failed on your Citi Bike or your handlebar came loose, you might be able to hold Citi Bike accountable.

Do not assume the worst in your claim

If you experienced an accident while on a Citi Bike, it may be possible for you to hold them accountable for the consequences of your injuries. Speak to an attorney to have them review your accident and offer you the guidance you can trust to secure the compensation you deserve.



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