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How have bicyclists in NYC gotten injuries and into crashes?

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2021 | Bicycle Accidents

A good way of avoiding traffic jams in New York City is by commuting by bicycle. However, the streets are constantly packed with vehicles and pedestrians, making the ride dangerous for cyclists. The latest report by the New York City Department of Transportation showed that in 2020 there were more than 7,000 crashes involving bicyclists, the most common being crashes with motor vehicles. Even if it is common for riders to get hurt on the road, there are certain steps you can take to prevent an accident.

Crashes involving motor vehicles

According to the official report, there were 6,343 motor vehicle crashes involving cyclists in 2020 in the city. This resulted in more than 5,000 cyclists getting injuries. Also, 24 riders died from the impact. A cyclist is always at a disadvantage when they collide with a car, which is why you must take all possible measures to avoid such an accident. Try to obey traffic signs, use reflective clothing and drive in the same direction as traffic.

Crashes involving pedestrians and other bicyclists

The second most common type of bicycle crashes involved pedestrians. 343 cyclists ran into pedestrians in 2020. Of those cyclists, 54 got injuries, and one passed away. A crash with a pedestrian may not be as dangerous as with a car, but it can still put the cyclist’s life at risk.

125 collisions between bicyclists also occurred in New York City in 2020. Those crashes caused the involved bicyclists to suffer from 136 injuries in total. You can avoid accidents with other cyclists or pedestrians by using your bell to warn them before passing, signaling clearly and avoiding cycling on the pavement.  

Single bicycle crashes

The least common types of crashes are single bicycle crashes, which summed up 214 impacts in 2020. Those crashes caused 202 cyclists to get injuries, and one of them passed away. These crashes usually occur when riders take their minds off the road, so you mustn’t text or listen to music while riding. Also, remember to keep your bike in good condition, as any failure could lead to a severe accident.

Your lawful compensation

You can prevent getting a life-changing injury by obeying the traffic laws and riding responsibly. However, a car or bike can still hit you even if you take the appropriate safety measures. If this ever happens to you, you must remember that you have the right to ask the rider or driver at fault for the accident for compensation. That way, you can avoid paying for something you did not cause.


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