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Safer cycling in the city

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2021 | Bicycle Accidents

Bicycling can be an efficient way to get from one part of the city to the other. Whether you bike to save money on gas and parking or because it is a hobby you enjoy, biking can be a useful way to exercise while reducing your carbon footprint.

As hobbies and interests have changed during the pandemic, so have the number of cyclists in Manhattan. While some are looking for alternatives to crowded public transportation, others might be enjoying financial savings.

Here’s what you should know about preventing bicycle accidents in Manhattan.

Making Manhattan a safer place to bike

As the population grows and changes, so do the traffic patterns, especially in large cities like New York. Often, city planners and other officials develop ideas to make traveling through the city safer. Still, those plans take time to implement fully.

Research suggests that the most effective way to protect bicyclists is to have a network of bike lanes separate from automobile traffic. Unfortunately, changes like these can be difficult to design and even more challenging to find the right community support.

Over the last few years, New York has made changes to the biking network, but many plans remain in progress.

Are bicyclists to blame?

The busier the city, the more distractions there are for drivers and cyclists alike. In Manhattan, there is no shortage of distractions. These distractions have led to continually rising numbers of bicycle accidents.

One of the most common bicycle accidents is “dooring,” where a motorist opens their car door in front of a biker, and the biker does not have time to stop or swerve. These accidents can be prevented by drivers and their exiting passengers taking more care to watch for oncoming bicycle traffic when stopping near a bike lane.

As accidents between cars and bikes continue, it is essential to be aware of what is going on around you to prevent a crash. When bicyclists and motorists are aware of their surroundings, they can dramatically reduce accidents on the road.


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