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Sexual assault suit filed against Kevin Spacey under Child Victims Act

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2020 | Child Injury

Nearly three years ago, actor Kevin Spacey’s career fell apart following bombshell allegations of sexual assault on minors. Now, some of those allegations are back in the public eye following a lawsuit filed in Manhattan court. The case involves disturbing accounts of Spacey’s alleged assault and rape on minors.

The allegations

One of the plaintiffs, actor Anthony Rapp of Star Trek: Discovery, was the first to speak out publicly against Spacey. He says Spacey made sexual advances toward him at an East Side party when Rapp was only 14 (Spacey was 27). Rapp has suffered long-term psychological effects, including depression and anxiety.

The second plaintiff in the lawsuit, identified only by the initials C.D., says he was also 14 when Spacey had sexual relations with him several times. One incident involved forcible rape.

Why the case matters

The lawsuit is significant for a number of reasons. The initial allegations against Spacey came at the height of the #metoo movement when survivors finally felt empowered to speak up against abusers – many of whom were wealthy, powerful men with prominent public personas. Survivors were finally taken seriously. And many of those survivors can now have their voices heard in court.

What’s more, if this case is successful, it will be the first time Spacey has been held accountable by the justice system. He faced several lawsuits and prosecutions in the past involving similar allegations, but none got off the ground.

Finally, the lawsuit illustrates the importance of New York’s Child Victims Act. Since Rapp is now 48 years old, his claim would have been time-barred if it weren’t for the temporary suspension of the statute of limitations. The landmark Act enables him – and many like him – to finally seek justice.


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