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Survivors of Boy Scout sexual abuse must file a claim by November

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2020 | Sexual Abuse

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As part of the Boy Scouts of America’s bankruptcy proceedings, a November 16th deadline has been set for survivors to file claims of sexual abuse. The court has approved a “proof of claim” form. Any survivors who intend to make a claim must complete this form and file it with the court.

You must file a proof of claim form before the November deadline. Your claim will be forever barred if you fail to meet the deadline, even if you live in a state where the statute of limitations doesn’t apply to claims of childhood sexual abuse.

Why November?

To proceed with the bankruptcy, the bankruptcy court must have some idea of how many claims there are against the Boy Scouts of America. An open-ended process would drag the bankruptcy case out forever. After November 16th, the bankruptcy court will know how many claims have been filed, as well as what available assets the Boy Scouts possess. The goal of the court is to ensure that survivors receive a fair share of the assets.

What about local councils?

Keep in mind that the Boy Scouts of America is a national organization. Local councils are responsible for running programs in their respective communities. As of now, no local council has joined the Boy Scouts bankruptcy proceedings. This means you can still file a sexual abuse claim against a local council. This claim would be separate from any claim against the national organization. However, these claims will fall under the deadlines set by the statute of limitations, if they apply in your state.

You should discuss any potential legal action with a skilled professional. A legal representative can help with the proof of claims process. They can also let you know whether other avenues of legal recourse exist in your case.


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