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What causes falls on construction sites?

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There are many dangers on a construction site. Even when proper safety precautions are taken, accidents can happen.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, falls are the leading cause of death on construction sites.

Here are some common causes of falls on construction sites:

    • Lack of safety equipment: When employees work from heights, proper safety equipment must be provided. The type of equipment needed will vary depending on the nature of the job. It is absolutely critical that the job is assessed and safety equipment is in place before the work begins:
      • Are guardrails and safety nets in place?
      • Are harnesses provided?
      • Are holes covered or guarded?
      • Are ladders secured?
      • Has scaffolding been inspected?
    • Improper training: If workers are not taught how to safely perform their jobs, they are at an increased risk for suffering accidents. This is especially important for workers who do not speak English as a first language. These individuals may require a translator or training documents in their first language.
    • Dangerous equipment: When equipment such as ladders or scaffolding is defective or in poor condition, workers can fall.

Sadly, accidents happen. Not all construction accidents are avoidable. Working from heights and working at awkward angles is often part of the job of a construction worker.

But many accidents can be avoided. When negligence by a product manufacturer, coworker or other third party causes or contributes to an accident, the victim (or surviving family members) may be entitled to compensation.

Six feet: The height at which workers are at risk for suffering serious injuries or death if they fall, according to OSHA.

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If you are a construction worker who has been injured after falling on the job, you may be entitled to compensation in excess to your workers’ comp claim. We can help you determine if negligence by a third party caused or contributed to your accident.

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