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Medical group works to reduce pregnancy-related deaths

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No matter which hospital or facility a woman goes to in New York City to give birth, she should never receive less than the best medical attention. Unfortunately, WYNC News reports that many women are receiving inadequate health care, a factor that may be contributing to the high maternal death rate in the city.

Medical professionals point out that women who are in poverty are often at higher risk for factors such as high blood pressure or diabetes. These women are also the ones who are least likely to get the help they need because of the quality of health care available in their communities. In many cases, providers may not have the facilities or assistance they need to offer the services the difficult pregnancies require.

To address these issues, the American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecologists is delivering information and training to hospitals across the state to reduce the number of pregnancy-related adverse events. Risk management methods and education are also part of the improvement process, and a forum for sharing experiences and challenges. In addition, a tracking system and database will be used to identify common preventable outcomes so that they can be addressed with further education and support.

Using these tools, ACOG can also work to develop standards, guidelines and protocols for all New York health care providers to implement. Hospital leadership, management and administration will have the task of preparing and training staff in the full application of all of these processes to eliminate substandard care and ensure safety for all pregnant women.


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