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How can parents prevent school sports injuries in New York City?

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2015 | Child Injury

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Young athletes in New York City come in all shapes and sizes. Regardless of the physical activity your child chooses, there are a variety of dangers that the school should address before you allow him or her to participate. According to the New York Times, teen physical education should be subject to the same scrutiny that other academic pursuits often receive.

Heatstroke, cardiac arrest and other indirect traumas can cause your child serious harm during practices and competitions. Coaches and teachers who require too much exertion at the start of the sports season when athletes are not in condition may cause your student to experience health problems that could even be permanent. Adapting outdoor activities to suit the current temperatures and the students’ health conditions is an important part of training. In addition to properly trained coaches, schools should have athletic trainers on staff who can address health issues and advise and treat medical problems when they arise.

Concussions are leading the public discussion when it comes to school sports injuries, and with good reason. Soccer, football, basketball and baseball have high rates of head trauma, but if your teen is in wrestling, swimming or cheerleading, he or she may also experience a concussion. Distraction and a lack of supervision are two primary risk factors for head trauma your child may face in any activity. Records of the athletic injuries of the nation’s high school students have revealed head traumas in 21 out of 22 school sports included in the inventory.

Practices should always be conducted in locations that are suited to the sport and outfitted with the proper protective equipment, such as padding for floors and walls. Discussing sports safety with your child and your school is another important part of avoiding injuries. This information about school sports safety is provided for your education, but it should not be considered legal advice.


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