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Window guards are required in many New York City buildings

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2015 | Child Injury

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Whether a window in an apartment building in New York City is three feet above the ground or thirty, a person who falls through it can sustain injuries, or even die. According to Medical Daily, it is children under the age of five who are most likely to be hospitalized with a head or neck injury after a fall from a window. To prevent this type of devastating accident, window guards are recommended for anyone who is babyproofing a home.

The New York City Health Code requires the owner of any building with at least three apartments in it to install window guards in every room of an apartment where a child under the age of 11 lives. Guards must be installed in all the hall windows and any other public areas of these buildings, although if the window of a home exits onto a fire escape, there must not be a guard placed over it.

Every year, landlords must send a notice to each tenant requesting information on whether there is a child in the home. However, anyone who wants them can make a request, and the landlord must provide them. The guards are also recommended for babysitters, daycares and those who may have children visiting their apartment. A tenant of a rent-controlled building may be charged for the service unless that person is on public assistance.

The New York City Department of Health has very strict standards for installation, and it is a violation for the owner of the building to have window guards placed that are not approved by the DOH. Anyone who is not in compliance must correct issues immediately to prevent accidents from harming children.


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