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Cuomo: Major funding to reduce New York City car accident rate

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New York is slated to be a major recipient of federal highway grants in the upcoming year, thanks to the efforts of Governor Cuomo and transportation experts throughout the state. The funding is designed to support programs that would reduce the number of New York City car accidents. More than $32 million will be allocated into the state’s coffers, with more than 500 separate initiatives receiving funding through this annual budget decision.

The funding increase reflects the commitment of Cuomo’s administration to ongoing traffic safety improvements. The governor has been an outspoken supporter of infrastructure improvements, safety education and legal enforcement, all of which will make New York’s roads safer. Other government officials are also lauding the large funding initiatives; Senator Charles Schumer said that the grants are sure to reduce the number of car accidents, promoting a safer and healthier state.

Official reports show that the majority of the funding will be allocated to three distinct types of initiatives. These comprise police traffic service, highway safety and child passenger safety. Among the specific programs that will benefit from the funding: child safety seat checks, seat belt mobilization, additional law enforcement training, crash reconstruction and railroad crossing safety.

Traffic safety is particularly important in the New York City metro, where millions of pedestrians use sidewalks every day. These pedestrians are put at serious risk of injury because of negligent drivers. The density of vehicles in the city also puts private drivers, cyclists, motorcyclists and commercial drivers at increased risk for catastrophic injuries. By allocating these additional funds to public safety initiatives, New York officials are showing their dedication to lowering auto accident rates in the area. Even the best intentions will not stop every single car accident, however. Victims should rest assured that they still have legal options if they are injured in an NYC car crash, even with the prevalence of these new safety measures.

Source: New York State, “Governor Cuomo Announces Over $32 Million in Federal Grants to Promote Highway Safety,” Oct. 08, 2015

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