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High-tech auto accident prevention system tested in New York City

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2015 | Car Accidents

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A new system designed to improve traffic safety by warning drivers about hazards and congestion will make its national debut in New York City. The system, designed to prevent car accidents by providing motorists with additional information, will be funded by a $20 million pot that will improve access to connected vehicle technologies throughout the region. The pilot program will have its start in midtown Manhattan, one of the busiest and most dangerous traffic environments in the nation.

Experts say that the $20 million fund will be distributed to the owners of as many as 10,000 vehicles, including buses, taxis and personally owned cars. Those vehicles will be outfitted with new sensory devices by the end of 2017, according to news reports. The devices are designed to prevent auto accidents by providing vehicle-to-vehicle communication, beaming out information to drivers that will keep them and area pedestrians safe.

New York is not the only beneficiary of this exciting new technology — in fact, the vehicle-to-vehicle communication system is also being tested in Tampa, Florida, and various locations in Wyoming. These areas all include a diverse array of traffic conditions that will provide researchers with a rich repository of data, allowing them to learn more about the way in which the technology can benefit drivers. After these pilot tests have been completed, more communities are likely to receive access to the exciting new systems.

The impact of negligent drivers in New York could soon be seriously decreased by the vehicle-to-vehicle communication technology that is being tested on our streets. After all, prevention is far more cost-effective than dealing with the after-effects of an auto accident. Still, even with this technology, some victims are bound to be harmed by reckless or distracted drivers. Those victims deserve compensation through the civil courts for their pain, suffering and lost wages. With the advent of this new technology on the horizon, the courts could be seeing far fewer accident cases, which means that everyone wins.

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