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How can you protect your children from injury?

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2015 | Child Injury

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The Protect the Ones You Love initiative is a program launched by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC provides an online database of information that helps parents and others protect the children they love.

According to the CDC, a leading cause of death for individuals under the age of 19 is injuries. Many times, those injuries can be prevented by proactive steps taken by parents and other adults. The CDC provides information about protecting children from injuries that result from falls, poisoning, suffocation, drowning, burns and traffic accidents.

The CDC reports that around 9 million kids show up in emergency rooms every year with injuries and over 9,000 of those children die because of injuries. The information provided by the CDC about common childhood injuries includes prevention tips on avoiding the injuries, as well as an overview and fact sheet.

For example, the CDC offers prevention tips for injuries during a road accident. First, the CDC says proper car and booster seat use is essential. The agency provides diagrams on how to install and use car seats to protect little ones. It also details proper use of safety seats and equipment for various ages and notes that the backseat is the safest place for children in a car.

While the CDC offers some great advice for protecting kids from a variety of injuries, we know that accidents do happen. Even proactive and careful families can experience accidents that leave them with medical expenses and other losses. When that happens, understanding how to navigate the legal system can help families increase the chance at recovering losses.

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