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8 reasons people get hit by cars, and how to avoid it

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While accidents in New York often seem random and chaotic, it’s usually pretty easy to find the causes for those accidents after the dust settles. Below are eight of the most common reasons that people are struck by cars in the state.

— Congested traffic on city streets, which is where 66 percent of these accidents take place.

— Crosswalks that have not been marked properly, which can lead to confusion on both ends.

— Cars that are turning left, which may cross through an intersection even when a person has the walking symbol and is allowed to cross the street.

— Electronic devices that are being used, either by drivers or those who are walking, which can be a serious distraction.

— Modern cars, like electric vehicles, which are so quiet that pedestrians do not hear them coming as easily.

— People who are wearing dark clothing after the sun goes down–or early in the morning, at dawn, when a lot of people like to run.

— The use of alcohol, either by drivers or by pedestrians. Those who have been drinking do not react as quickly to dangers and are more prone to making mistakes.

— The use of large, multi-lane arterial roads, which have high traffic levels and tend to move at high speeds, making them more dangerous for people who are walking along the road or trying to cross.

If you’ve been hit and injured while walking, you may be able to seek compensation for many things, including your medical costs, any long-term ramifications, and the pain and suffering you were forced to go through.

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