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What is the most frightening medical mistake?

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Mistakes in the medical field can be frightening for patients, to say the least. If they’re given the wrong medication and have an allergic reaction, for instance, it can bring about a lot of stress, anxiety and fear to go along with the physical issues. However, almost nothing causes the same levels of fear and concern as wrong-site surgery.

Generally speaking, wrong-site surgery is when a doctor does the procedure that was scheduled, but he or she simply does it on the wrong body part. For example, a person who needs to have his or her finger amputated could wake up to find that the wrong finger has been taken off.

In some cases, surgical mistakes take on a slightly different style. The doctor does the right procedure, and he or she even does it on the right body part. After the fact, though, it comes out that the doctor operated on the wrong patient. This has happened in cases where two patients had the same last name, and the doctor did not realize until it was too late that the wrong person was in the operating room.

In the medical profession, these types of incidents are termed “never events.” Some issues in hospitals are to be expected, but things like this should never happen under any circumstances. They are completely avoidable, and they often come from mistakes made by the medical team or general negligence.

While these things are terrifying, New Yorkers should know that they can seek compensation if they happen to you. Compensation could take into account pain and suffering, lost wages, permanent life changes and more.


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