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‘Extra unusual’ truck accident leaves 3 injured

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2015 | Truck Accidents

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According to the assistant fire chief in Yonkers, there was a very unusual truck accident recently on I-87/New York State Thruway. A sedan was trying to enter onto the highway. The car caught the front of the truck as it tried to pass. The back of the car was caught under the truck’s back wheel. As a result, the car flipped at least two times.

That in itself was not so unusual. However, the accident wasn’t quite over. After it flipped and got caught on the truck, it got pinned underneath the truck. A witness who was in a vehicle behind the truck related what he saw.

The assistant fire chief said, “This is a very unusual situation. Cars under tractor trailers in and of itself is unusual, but to have a car actually be upside and pinned under the tractor trailer is extra unusual.”

Amazingly, all three people in the sedan were conscious. However, they were trapped inside the vehicle. Many emergency units were able to assist in getting the victims out of the car. All the victims were wearing their seat belts. The assistant fire chief said that those seat belts and the excellent work of the fire, police and emergency medical services made the difference. The victims were a child and two adults. Their current medical status is not known.

While it may appear at first sight that the sedan’s driver was responsible for this accident, that may not be the case. Perhaps the truck was over too far or in some other way caused the accident. An experienced personal injury attorney can review a an accident case and help determine whether victims or surviving family members will be able to seek compensation from the truck driver.

Source: NBC 4 New York, “3 Extricated from Car Underneath Tractor-Trailer on NY Thruway,” July 03, 2015


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