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Is Mayor de Blasio’s Vision Zero program working?

Between 2011 and 2013, 732 pedestrians lost their lives in New York City in traffic accidents. Of those 732 individuals, 453 were killed in the five counties just north of New York City and in Long Island. These numbers are from the Tri-State Transportation Campaign report. Unfortunately, the state of New York still has the distinction of leading the nation in pedestrian deaths.

New York City’s mayor put Queens Boulevard at the top of the Vision Zero priorities list. According to city transportation, the Vision Zero program has made tremendous strides in reducing the number of fatal pedestrian accidents. Some of the factors that have contributed to the lower numbers are:

— Lower speed limit in municipalities

— Pedestrian safety cameras installed in specific, targeted locations

— Legislation passed to penalize drivers who do not yield to pedestrians.

There is another group, though, called Transportation Alternatives, that believes more could be done, especially on multi-lane arterial corridors. The executive director says that the 10-year capital plan and the 2016 expense budget must include the resources to change the arterial streets where the most fatal crashes are.

Pedestrian accidents frequently involve serious injury or death simply because of a lack of protection around the victim. Some of these accidents are caused by distracted, drunk or drugged drivers. Others are caused by pedestrians who are not paying attention to their surroundings.

When a pedestrian accident occurs, it’s necessary for the victim and his or her family to concentrate on healing. For some families, they may find themselves in a financial situation that is quite precarious due to lost wages. A civil lawsuit can address that concern and other claims when directed at the at-fault party.

Source: The New York Times, “60% of downstate pedestrian fatalities were in New York City area, study says, as de Blasio’s Vision Zero program touts recent reduction in death rate,” Pete Donohue, accessed May. 01, 2015


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