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Elevator Safety: Not A Priority For Some Buildings

In breaking news, a worker was killed in a Manhattan elevator accident earlier today. The details are still thin, but it appears that a man was working in the shaft when he was pinned between two elevator cars. He died at the scene.

While most New York elevator fatalities involve workers who are maintaining or repairing lift systems, passengers are sometimes the victims, too. Passenger injuries are usually caused by elevators that are not properly maintained or have disabled safety features.

The Buildings Department keeps a tally of the top 10 elevator offenders in NYC. The offenders include four Bronx buildings, three in Manhattan and one in Queens.

When buildings neglect maintenance of their elevators, they put residents and visitors at risk of serious injury or death. Maintenance is often avoided to cut costs, but many building owners fail to realize that the cost of an injury or death will make routine service bills seem insignificant.

Some argue that New York City government over-regulates many areas, but elevator safety is not one of them. There are an estimated 60,000 elevators in NYC, and the Buildings Department cannot keep tabs on all of them. Elevator safety is responsibility of each building owner – and not one that should be taken lightly.

If you or someone in your family is injured in an elevator accident, an experienced personal injury attorney can help uncover the cause. Potentially liable parties may include the building owner, elevator manufacturer, maintenance company and others.


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