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Bono’s Bike Accident Evidences Danger Of NYC Cycling

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2015 | Bicycle Accidents

Cycling in Central Park can be a dangerous, a notion that U2 frontman Bono can agree with. The rock singer crashed his bicycle in November after nearly colliding head-on with another cyclist. He recently stated that he may never play the guitar again.

Bono’s injuries include:

  • An arm fractured in six places
  • A fractured eye socket
  • A fractured shoulder blade
  • A broken finger

Bono rarely plays guitar for U2 these days, but he is a musician who had kept up his guitar-playing for decades. The loss of this ability would cast a cloud over his future when U2 eventually plays its last show.

The accident involves an aspect of New York City cycling that does not receive enough attention in the media. While cyclist-crashes with automobiles often appear in the headlines, cyclist-v-cyclist and cyclist-v-pedestrian accidents can be deadly, too.

Bicycle accidents that do not involve an automobile are underreported, so it is hard to estimate the number of annual victims. Often times, the cyclist or pedestrian who is likely at fault does not stop or provide information to the other person involved, making it difficult for the victim to hold him or her accountable.

Some NY cyclists opt to wear helmet cameras. If a crash occurs, the camera will help document the cause. A video can be the most important piece of evidence an injured cyclist may have in his or her pursuit of compensation.

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