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How A Tape Measure Becomes Lethal

Falling objects are one of the deadliest causes of construction accidents in the U.S., causing 82 deaths in 2013. Just last week, an accident in Jersey City exemplified the danger a falling tool presents.

A 58-year-old man was delivering sheeNt rock to a construction site as the tape measure fell off the belt of a worker 50 stories above. The tape measure struck an object and careened into the man’s head with great force. The man, who was not wearing a hardhat, suffered brain injuries and died soon after the accident.

While it may be easy for some to classify this fatal accident as preventable via a hardhat, it is a superficial analysis. Every day, New York pedestrians must travel near or through construction areas. It is not feasible for passerby’s to wear safety helmets, so they are especially vulnerable to falling objects like tools and construction debris.

Construction safety is a top-to-bottom issue, and safety equipment at the ground level is just one component of a comprehensive construction safety plan.

If you have issues concerning liability in a construction or industrial accident, speak with an experienced injury worker familiar with workers’ compensation and third-party lawsuits.

Source: CBS New York, “Man Killed By Tape Measure In Freak Accident At Jersey Construction Site,” Nov. 3, 2014


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