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Party Bus Tragedy Illustrates Lack Of Regulation

The popularity of party buses has risen dramatically over the past decade. Party bus companies usually target young people, offering an alcohol-fueled adventure with loud music and swanky lighting. Party buses often shuttle people from club to club and allow passengers to drink during the travel time.

A party bus can deter drunk driving and allow large groups to conveniently have a night in the City, but they also present dangers. A recent party bus tour in California ended in horrific tragedy.

Teens were partying in the open air of a double-decker bus when the vehicle traveled beneath an overpass without sufficient clearance. A boy, 16, died from head injuries. This isn’t the first time a fatal party bus accident of this type has occurred. In 2009, two college students were drinking on a double-decker bus in Chicago when they hit their heads on an overpass and died.

There are other types of party bus accidents occurring in recent years:

  • A man fell out the door of a moving party bus
  • Alcohol poisoning of over-served passengers
  • Underage drinking accidents
  • Collisions with other vehicles, sending passengers tumbling

If you or your child has been seriously harmed or killed in a New York party bus accident, speak with a skilled personal injury attorney to discuss your legal rights.

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