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Lincoln Tunnel Crash Shows That Speed Kills

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2014 | Auto Accidents

A three-vehicle crash in the Lincoln Tunnel on Tuesday reminds us that speeding is not always a victimless crime.

According to the Port Authority, a red BMW sped into the tunnel during the morning rush hour and collided with a Mercedes livery van. The Mercedes van then caromed into a minibus.

A passenger in the Mercedes van began having trouble breathing and died from cardiac arrest. Two injured motorists were taken to the hospital. Four other people were involved but declined medical treatment.

Many of us speed from time to time. Maybe we are late for work, or simply impatient to get to our destination. However, speeding and weaving through traffic is a recipe for a car accident. Even if you believe you have complete control over your own vehicle, moving faster than surrounding traffic makes it more likely that another driver won’t see you.

Take a breath and slow down. The time saved by speeding is relatively small when you aren’t travelling hundreds of miles.

On a 30-mile trip, speeding 10 mph above a 65 mph speed limit saves less than four minutes.

Source: NBC New York, “Passenger Dies In Lincoln Tunnel Chain-Reaction Crash That Snarled Traffic: Port Authority,” Sep. 3, 2014


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