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NYC Does Not Require Sightseeing Buses To Report Crashes

The popularity of NYC bus tours has steadily increased over the past decade, causing tourism-related businesses to create or expand their fleet. Today, 263 double-decker buses navigate the city’s busy streets.

New York City regulators have not kept up with this burgeoning business, however.

NYC does not require tour companies to report bus accidents. When a sightseeing business seeks renewal of its licensing from the city’s Consumer Affairs Department, the company’s bus-accident history is not considered.

State-level agencies keep tabs on the tourism companies’ bus safety records, but many believe that NYC must have its own set of reporting requirements. The city is in the best situation to assess how safely double-decker buses can navigate its congested roads.

Right now, the safety of NYC tour-bus passengers is left mostly to each independent company. This situation is not ideal because sightseeing bus companies are in a competitive market where they need to keep costs low – even when it may come at the expense of passenger safety.

If you or someone you know has been injured by a tour bus, it is important to quickly investigate the accident and assess your legal options.

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