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Man Recovers $2.3M From NY Hospital That Wrongly Discharged Him

A man is living in chronic pain and limited mobility after a New York hospital made a serious error.

The 52-year-old patient received a therapeutic injection in Sep. 2010, but he soon felt that something wasn’t right. He presented himself to Nyack Hospital a few days later, but the hospital quickly discharged him after running some tests.

If the hospital staff reviewed the patient’s test with a sufficient level of skill and care, he would have been hospitalized to treat a deadly bacterial infection. Instead, doctors failed to diagnose the infection and the patient was erroneously sent home.

He returned several days later with irreparable damage requiring his hip to be replaced. Even years removed from the medical malpractice, he suffers from limited mobility and intense pain.

A jury recently awarded the victim $2.3 million, but he would gladly hand over the money to get his old self back.

It is a disturbing case for many New York patients: A man is essentially crippled because of medical negligence after a routine injection. It does not seem there is anything more the patient could have done.

Source:, “Nyack Hospital Patient Wins $2.3M Lawsuit,” Jorge Fitz-Gibbon, Aug. 4, 2014


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