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Safe Motorcycling Involves More Than A Helmet

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2014 | Auto Accidents

Ask people about the safety of motorcycles and you would often hear them described as “dangerous” or maybe hear the nickname “donorcycle.” Even adventurous author Jack Kerouac refused to climb on one, referring to them as “murdercycles.”

But if you ask a grizzled veteran rider whether motorcycles are dangerous, you will probably get a much different answer.

Veteran bikers who have motorcycled through multiple decades will tell you the key is to ride with caution and never trust another motorist to yield to you. Recognize dangerous situations and keep yourself out of them. It is usually the rider that dictates whether a bike is safe or unsafe.

“There are no old and bold riders,” is a common phrase an experienced rider will tell a new motorcyclist. Riders who engage in risky riding end up wrecking; they are fortunate if they escape with their lives.

A fatal motorcycle accident on the Upper East Side underscores the importance of cautious riding. On Friday, a 44-year-old man was killed at Lexington Ave. and 96th Street when he collided with an ambulance.

Witnesses said they heard the motorcycle’s engine revving seconds before the crash. It appears that the victim was trying to beat a red light and made a deadly miscalculation. In this accident, the helmet could not save his life.

Source: NY Daily News, “Motorcycle Rider Dies After Colliding With Ambulance In New York City,” Laura Dimon, July 26, 2014


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