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Manhattan Tour Bus Crash: What Rights Do Injured Tourists Have?

More than 40 sightseers had to be evacuated from the emergency exit of a tour bus on Thursday. The bus crashed into scaffolding in Midtown Manhattan, blocking the vehicle’s main exit. Broken glass and debris made the rescue especially difficult.

The Optimum Ride driver swerved to avoid an infamous NYC pothole but lost control of the bus. It travelled onto the sidewalk where pedestrians scrambled for their lives. Amazingly, nobody was killed. Many of the passengers suffered head injuries, none considered life-threatening.

Manhattan tourist accidents are more common than one might think, but the victims are often confused about their right to sue.

British tourist, Sian Green, lost her leg in a taxi accident on Sixth Avenue last summer. She later filed a $27 million lawsuit against New York City. Another popular tourist activity, bicycle tours, has also resulted in numerous serious injuries.

If you are visiting the Big Apple and have suffered serious harm because of the negligence of a tour company or cab driver, contact an experienced personal injury attorney. It does not matter if you are not a U.S. citizen. It does not matter if you have already returned home to your native state or country.

It does matter that you bring your claim quickly, especially if your lawsuit involves claims against the City of New York.

Source: CBS New York, “Tour Bus Crashes Into Scaffolding In Midtown Manhattan,” July 17, 2014


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