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Beloved Woman, 58, Dies From Manhattan Garbage Truck

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2014 | Auto Accidents

A horrible accident has taken the life of a popular Manhattan resident. Jacqueline Haeflinger, 58, was killed when a New York City sanitation truck backed up over her.

Haeflinger had been walking her dog on 15th Street near her apartment when the Boston Terrier suddenly broke free of her grip and scuttled under a stationary garbage truck. Distressed, Haeflinger tried to retrieve her pet but the truck began moving backward and killed her.

Haeflinger’s death shocked many New Yorkers. The popular woman worked at New York University for 25 years. Many of Haeflinger’s friends were accustomed to her motherly side, caring for others. They are having a hard time believing that she’s gone.

Her death shows that tragedy can strike anywhere in the City and at any time. While it is easy to criticize her actions immediately before her death, it is true that many NYC dog owners feel a deep bond with their animal – more than the traditional pet-owner relationship – and would similarly endanger themselves to rescue their dog.

Still, the fatal truck accident is a reminder for us: Sometimes our first reaction isn’t the best action to take.

Source: New York Times, “Woman Chasing Her Dog Is Killed By Garbage Truck,” Kate Taylor, July 2, 2014


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