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Worker Killed By Street Sweeper In Dept. Of Sanitation Garage

A 43-year-old New York City sanitation worker died Saturday when a coworker hit him with a street sweeper in Queens.

The deceased, a father of four, was performing maintenance on a street sweeper when a coworker on a different sweeper failed to see him. The fatal accident occurred at the Department of Sanitation garage on 48th Street in Maspeth.

The collision continues a trend of sanitation vehicle accidents in New York City. It is common for pedestrians and cyclists to be injured or killed by garbage trucks when the driver fails to see them.

Sanitation trucks are especially dangerous for several reasons:

  • The cab of sanitation vehicles is high off the ground, making it more difficult for drivers to see people at ground level.
  • The driver is limited to using side mirrors to check blind spots.
  • The size of the garbage trucks makes it more likely that they will accidentally hit objects.
  • The weight of sanitation trucks makes them especially deadly when a collision occurs.

The issue of municipal liability arises with accidents involving the City Department of Sanitation. An experienced NYC municipal truck accident lawyer can help victims and families explore their legal options.

Source: NY Daily News, “City Sanitation Worker Dies After Being Hit By Street Sweeper In Queens,” Barry Paddock, June 21, 2014


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