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Summer Threats To NYC Kids: Cars, Dogs And… Bounce Houses?

As school children anxiously count the days to summer break, it is important for parents in New York City to remember that longer days of outside play bring a greater risk of injury.

Every summer, auto accidents involving children experiences a seasonal spike. Kids are out playing but many motorists fail to drive prudently near them. Children are small, quick and unpredictable. Drivers nearing children should slow down and proceed cautiously.

This time of year also involves a surge in the number of children bitten by dogs. Well-intentioned kids can boldly approach a dog in a manner that the animal finds threatening. Further, aggressive dogs are more prone to attack humans who are running. Children run frequently and spontaneously.

An unusual threat to children recently revealed itself in upstate New York last week. Three children were playing in an inflatable “bounce house” when a sudden gust of wind swept the house into the air.

Two boys, 5 and 6, fell 15 feet and suffered severe injuries. One of the children suffered a broken jaw, ruptured spleen and two broken arms. His buddy fared even worse, suffering a life-threatening brain injury. He remains in a medically induced coma.

The 10-by-10 foot Little Tikes bouncy house had been anchored with plastic stakes – as the instructions cautioned to do – but easily took flight when the unexpected wind gust occurred.

Source: NY Daily News, “Boys Thrown From Upstate NY ‘Bounce House’ Remain Hospitalized,” Lee Moran, May 16, 2014


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