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Mysterious New York Boat Accident Raises Questions

A New York man died after a mysterious upstate boat accident in Bolton Landing. Investigators were hopeful that an autopsy would shed light on what caused the 21-foot Steiger watercraft to crash into rocks and trees along the Lake George shoreline, but many questions still remain unanswered.

The coroner’s report showed no signs of medical problems with the boater, such as a heart attack. It may take several more months before toxicology tests can detect the presence of alcohol or drugs.

The man, 57, was alone in his boat when the crash occurred.

The New York boating accident brings attention to the issue of watercraft safety this summer. NY is one of the deadliest states for boaters, and speed is often the primary crash factor. Boaters need to slow down and stay sober, because the perfect day can quickly end in tragedy.

Fault and liability are often difficult to determine in boating fatalities with no survivors. Multiple parties may share blame, but when there is nobody to tell the tragic story – at least nobody willing to come forward – investigators face a daunting challenge.

Source: The Republic, “Autopsy Provides No Clues In Boat Crash That Killed Upstate New York Builder,” May 30, 2014


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