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Do Express-F Train Derailment Victims Have The Right To Sue?

Friday’s subway derailment in Queens injured dozens of people and terrified 1,000 passengers on the express F train.

According to witnesses, the train began to shake and bounce while showering sparks from its right side. The train came to a halt, but that did not bring a sense of relief to the passengers. Clouds of smoke and dust filled the trains before rescuers used ladders to rescue the frightened passengers.

The cause of the subway train derailment was not immediately known – or, at least, disclosed publicly.

Even though the cause of the train accident remains unknown, passengers who were seriously injured are probably wondering what legal recourse is available. Injury victims have a right to sue New York City for the harm they have suffered, but they must follow strict rules governing municipal liability claims in NYC.

Victims seeking recourse must file a Notice of Claim. Claims against the MTA or NYC Transit Authority must be filed within 90 days or the victim generally forfeits his or her right to sue.

The Notice of Claim must explain what the plaintiff is suing the City for, in detail, including the nature of the injuries and damages sought. An experienced NYC injury attorney can help victims ensure they comply with laws while pursuing damages.

Source: ABC News, “New York City Subway Train Derails; 4 Hospitalized,” Jim Fitzgerald, May 2, 2014


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