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Fatal Long Island Bus Accident Brings Attention To Roslyn Road

Albertson residents have long complained that many motorists treat Roslyn Road as a racetrack. The street has a 30 mph speed limit, but drivers often go twice that speed or more.

According to witnesses, speed was a factor in a fatal Roslyn Road crash involving a pickup truck and a coach bus on Tuesday.

A 2006 Dodge pickup truck was travelling on Roslyn near Heathcote Drive when the driver lost control of his vehicle. It went left of center and hit a Coach USA bus, head-on.

The truck driver died at the scene, but rescuers fought through the debris and shattered windshield to rescue the only occupants of the bus. Although the two men suffered serious injuries, they are expected to survive.

This fatal bus accident is just one of several that occurred on Roslyn Road over the past several months. Residents are fed up officials’ failure to enforce speed limits or implement new features such as stop signs or traffic lights.

How many more people must die before something is done?

Source: CBS New York, “1 Dead, 2 Hurt After Coach USA Bus, Pickup Truck Collide On Long Island,” April 1, 2014


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