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City Bus Jumps Curb In Manhattan, Injuring Pedestrians

A MTA bus accident in Manhattan injured five people during their Friday morning commute.

The Hamilton Heights accident began when a minivan allegedly cut off the city bus, causing the two vehicles to collide. The crash sent the MTA bus careening onto the sidewalk and into the building at 3750 Broadway.

Two pedestrians were seriously injured when the bus jumped the curb onto the sidewalk; they were taken to Harlem Hospital. The two occupants of the minivan were injured and taken to St. Luke’s Hospital, while a fifth person suffered injuries that were not considered life-threatening.

People in the Broadway building were trapped while responders worked to remove the heavily-damaged bus from the entryway of the building.

This is a bus accident that could have ended far worse. It’s miraculous that no pedestrians were fatally pinned between the bus and the building.

Earlier Friday, a Brooklyn man was not so fortunate. The 30-year-old pedestrian was crossing Utica Avenue in East Flatbush when a van hit him. He was rushed to Kings County Hospital but his injuries but he quickly died.

Injured New York City pedestrians should speak with an experienced injury attorney soon after their accident. If victims don’t quickly review their options they risk forfeiting their legal rights to seek compensation.

Source: NY Daily News, “City Bus Jumps Curb Crashes Into Building, Injuring Five People,” Joe Stepansky, April 4, 2014


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