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It’s Science: Daylight Saving Time Leads To Boost In Car Crashes

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2014 | Auto Accidents

New York City commuters need to be especially careful tomorrow, because the Monday after Daylight Saving Time brings a spike in traffic accidents.

According to numerous studies, the time change causes a disruption in motorists’ circadian rhythms, prompting motor vehicle crashes to spike sharply for several days. One study found a 17-percent increase in fatal accidents on the Monday after Daylight Saving Time.

But if you are skeptical about academia’s take on the matter, perhaps former New York City transportation commissioner Sam Schwartz can convince you.

“I saw a pattern that would occur typically on the Monday and Tuesday after daylight saving time would be put into effect,” Schwartz said in an interview with CBS. “And I saw a lot of early-morning rush hour crashes.”

While it’s not practical to skip work and lock yourself in your home Monday and Tuesday, it is worth anticipating some unusually poor driving from NYC motorists. And it’s always a good idea for pedestrians to double-check before stepping into crosswalks.

Be safe and enjoy the extra hour of evening daylight.

Source: CBS New York, “Daylight Saving Time Means More Traffic Accidents,” March 9, 2014


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