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Girl Critically Injured By 35-Foot Fall Down NYC Elevator Shaft

A 12-year-old girl was seriously injured after falling into a Manhattan elevator shaft last week.

The elevator accident occurred in the lobby of a SoHo apartment building. The child-victim plummeted 35 feet before hitting the bottom at the sub-basement floor.

Emergency responders had to pry the elevator doors open and then lift the injured child up in a basket before rushing her to Bellevue Hospital Center.

The latest news reports indicate that the elevator has been out of service since the accident.

Elevator accidents are fairly common in New York City, where many people rely on them on a daily basis. A fatal elevator accident in the winter of December 2012-13 brought attention to the danger and helped reveal that many of the City’s elevators are not regularly maintained.

Sometimes, elevators are put into “override mode,” bypassing important safety features so that the lift can remain in operation despite needing repair.

If you or your child has been injured by a defective elevator or open shaft, you should carefully review your legal options with an experienced premises liability attorney.

Source:, “Girl Survives 35-Foot Fall Into NYC Elevator Shaft,” March 22, 2014


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