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Brooklyn Building Collapse Injures 8 Construction Workers

Construction crew members barely escaped with their lives after falling two floors when a Brooklyn house collapsed on Wednesday.

The building at 1916 Prospect Place became a death trap after the structure partially collapsed, causing harm to eight workers. Several of the victims were taken to Kings County Hospital with serious injuries.

“I saw a few guys go in, and I remember telling them, ‘Be careful because the building is unstable,” said next-door neighbor Emanuel Kerns in an interview with NY Daily News. “Later, I saw a guy running out to get his cellphone from his car to call 911.”

Building collapses aren’t uncommon – even in code-strict New York City – so construction companies have to be cautious when performing work on decrepit residences.

New York City understands that a construction worker’s livelihood is threatened when he or she suffers an injury. Because construction accidents often result for reasons other than mere negligence of the worker, NYC law affords victims an opportunity to recover money damages from a variety of parties including building owners, contractors and equipment manufacturers.

An experienced New York City construction accident attorney can help you assess your unique situation and legal options.

Source: NY Daily News, “Eight Construction Workers Seriously Injured When Brooklyn House Partially Collapses,” Edgar Sandoval, Feb. 26, 2014


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