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Taxi Drivers Peeved About ‘Vision Zero,’ But Should They Be?

Very few people enjoy significant changes at their workplace. Change pushes workers out of their comfort zone and forces them to relearn duties or routines. For this reason, it is not surprising that New York City taxi drivers are unhappy with proposals outlined in Mayor de Blasio’s Vision Zero plan.

Measures that would impact cabbies include:

  • A 25 mph speed limit in New York City
  • In-cab monitors that shut off the meter when the taxi driver exceeds the speed limit
  • Street redesign that encourages slower driving in intersections where there is heavy pedestrian traffic

Taxi drivers aren’t the only ones who would be impacted by the proposed plan. An increase in traffic cameras means that speeding motorists or red-light runners may receive a surprise citation in the mail.

It is true that Vision Zero could push everyone out of their comfort zone, including private motorists and pedestrians.

If you have been injured by a New York City taxi driver, your injury claim is different than an accident with a typical motorist. An experienced NYC taxi accident attorney can help you assess your legal options for recovering money damages.

Source: New York City Lens, “Cab Drivers Up In Arms Over ‘Vision Zero,'” Joanna Plucinska, Feb. 22, 2014


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