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Stolen Delivery Truck Hits NYC MTA Bus, Kills Bus Driver

One incredibly foolish act killed a respected man and impacted the lives of dozens on Wednesday.

The sad story began when an 18 Rabbits Granola delivery truck was stolen in the West Village on 16th Street. Minutes after it was stolen, police were called to the scene of an accident at 14th Street and Seventh Avenue. The wreckage was unbelievable.

Suspect Domonic Whilby, 22, ran the Seventh Ave red light with the stolen box truck and broadsided the crosstown M14 bus, which was travelling east on 14th.

“It was a long screeching; it sounded like a dumpster coming off a truck or something,” witness Dennis Gallagher told CBS News.

Both the truck and MTA bus careened into parked vehicles and the scaffolding in front of a 14th Street building. The impact caused the scaffolding to collapse onto the bus.

Tragically, MTA bus driver William Pena, 49, was ejected from the bus and killed. Another man on the bus was injured and was taken to the hospital, as was the suspected thief.

This fatal collision is incredibly frustrating. The stupid and reckless act of one man killed another and put the lives of dozens of people in jeopardy. The suspect faces severe criminal punishment and the prospect of a wrongful death lawsuit. It’s an understatement to say that his joyride wasn’t worth it.

Source: CBS New York, “NYC Bus Driver Killed After Crash With Stolen Delivery Truck,” Feb. 12, 2014


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