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Rabbinical Student Killed By Garbage Truck In Brooklyn

A 25-year-old man was killed in a Crown Heights crosswalk on Sunday morning when a sanitation truck fatally hit him. The garbage truck was making a right turn onto Carroll when it collided with the man, who died at the scene.

The victim was a rabbinical student from Ukraine. He attended school in New Jersey and was visiting Brooklyn to attend a friend’s engagement party.

Sanitation truck deaths happen far too often in New York City. The oversized vehicles hinder the driver’s visibility, so a great deal of care and skill is required to safely operate a garbage truck.

When a victim or surviving family member wishes to pursue legal recourse after a garbage truck collision they must file a timely notice of claim before suing the NYC Department of Sanitation. An experienced truck accident attorney can help victims through this complicated process.

The fatal Crown Heights pedestrian collision continues a trend of fatal NYC commercial vehicle accidents, including a stolen delivery truck crash in West Village and a snowplow collision in Bay Ridge. Hopefully, drivers will take note start driving with more care.

Source: NY Times, “Garbage Truck Fatally Strikes Rabbinical Student In Brooklyn,” Ashley Southall, Feb. 23, 2014


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