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U.K. Tourist Suing NYC For $27.5M After Taxi Amputation Accident

We previously wrote about a young British woman, Sian Green, who nearly died after a NYC taxi accident in August (original story here). The U.K. tourist was saved by a quick-thinking plumber who applied his belt as a tourniquet on her severely damaged leg. The young woman, now 24, was grateful for the bystander’s swift action and even appeared on Dr. Oz with her rescuer.

Although she survived, Green lost her left leg in the taxi accident. Doctors had to amputate just below her knee.

After a few quiet months of healing in England, Green is back in the headlines after revealing that she plans to sue New York City for $27.5 million. The victim recently learned that the taxi driver responsible for her life-changing injury was not supposed to be driving because he had lost too many points for motor vehicle violations.

The cabbie, along with thousands of other taxi drivers, should have been received an automatic license suspension but a computer-system glitch prevented the suspension from triggering.

“Admittedly, due to a ‘computer glitch,’ TLC [The Taxi and Limousine Commission] failed to ensure pedestrian safety, and specifically [Green’s] safety and well-being,” states Green’s notice of claim filed with New York City.

If you’ve been seriously injured by a New York taxi cab, you may have the right to seek compensation from multiple parties. Speak with an experienced NYC taxi crash lawyer to explore your legal rights. Don’t delay; there are strict time limits for filing a notice of claim and/or lawsuit.

Source: NY Daily News, “Taxi Victim Sian Green Will File $27.5M Lawsuit Against New York City,” Barbara Ross, Dec. 10, 2013


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